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With a vision to help every child unlock his inner potential of becoming Parmatma, Pujya Gurudev inspired an initiation of Look N Learn Jain Gyan Dham in the year of 2007. Look N Learn is a modern day Pathshala; a school with a specially articulated curriculum in line with the child’s psychology. However, the focus of this school is not just to develop a child’s career, but also to imbibe in him a deep understanding of his Karmik Cycle. The goal is to not just produce successful individuals, but also nurture citizens who have an awakened conscience. The focus is to build their character full of integrity, along with inspiring them to become well-grounded human beings having a beautiful heart.

After 10 years into this mission, Jains across the world feel pride to see their children and grandchildren turn towards religion with a deep understanding of its essence. Look N Learn today has grown to a global movement with 100+ centers globally. With more than 10,000 kids and 750 LNL Didis who enthusiastically take the mission forward, this revolutionary mission has succeeded in imbibing innocent minds with principles of religion along with values and ethics to make them compassionate, knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the future. LNL is helping build an entire generation of young hearts who are not just religious by actions, but who have ingrained the real essence of Parmatma Mahavir’s message in their thought, word and work.

With the phenomenal response that the mission has witnessed in the past few years, Look N Learn NX (for adolescents) and Jain Education Mission-JEM (for adults) were initiated in the year of 2014.


Look N Learn NX is essentially an annexure of Look N Learn. Along with inculcating religious knowledge, it aims to help the youth of today with mentoring on subjects like Art of Living, Relationship Management, coping with stress, Anger Management, and fighting against negative traits and tendencies which run very strong in adolescence. Broadening their vision to recognize their Right Identity and empowering them with an awakened Inner Voice, Look N Learn NX hopes to help them understand the real essence of Dharma; thus evolving the quality of their own life along with those around them. It hopes to resuscitate the interest and curiosity of young seekers in spirituality in today’s globalized generation, by giving them a profound, yet simplistic understanding of Parmatma Mahavir’s message.

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