About Gurudev

A revolutionary saint with extraordinary dynamism, Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb is an individual whose words, work and thoughts leave an indelible mark on every life that they touch. A messiah of humanity, Param Gurudev’s heart exudes Compassion and Love for every living being, and his soul emanates the whispers of Serenity! His visionary thoughts, his insurmountable positivity and his deep connection with the Self; help one experience the glory of Spirituality in his mere Sanidhya.

Aatma Yatra Diksha Mahotsav

Jain Diksha or Saiyam is the blessed moment where a soul commences his journey on the footsteps of Parmatma, to create the destiny of becoming like Parmatma. Diksha is a process of breaking free from the illusionary attachment of a handful near and dear ones, and instead, making the whole world your family. It is the sadhana of universal love, where a soul develops maitri for every soul and aspires for the well-being of every living being.

8 Mumukshus who have awakened their inner self and accepted Param Gurudev’s sharan with the goal of self-purification, are eagerly waiting to be blessed with the auspicious Rajoharan.

Experience the Saiyam Sammati Avsar where they shall officially receive permission from their parents to adopt the Saiyam way of life.



Param Gnan Utsav

8.30 AM onwards

Expressing Upkaar Bhaav for sowing in us the priceless seed of TRUTH

  • Maha Prabhavak Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra Japp Sadhana
  • Look N Learn Family’s heartfelt wishes and a warm welcome
  • Aagam Gatha Gaan – Echoing Parmatma’s priceless Aagam Gathas
  • Param Awards – Honouring selfless humanitarian service
  • Param Gurudev’s enlightening Pravachan

Param Bhakti Utsav

8.30 AM onwards

Expressing Runn Swikar Bhaav for his Unconditional Aatmik Care

  • Maha Prabhavak Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra Japp Sadhana
  • A Mother’s Heartfelt Blessings – Pujya Shri Prabodhikaji Mahasatiji (Baa Swami)
  • My Mission, My Satisfaction – Gurubhakts express their life transformational stories through their Mission Connection
  • Maha Manavta Activity ‘Param Support’ – Launching a mega humanitarian project

Param Seva Utsav

8.30 AM onwards
Expressing Ahobhaav for his Infinite Karuna towards every Soul
  • Maha Prabhvak Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra Maha Japp Sadhana – A special, once-a-year Mantra Therapy Sadhana
  • Short Film: Guru Connection, Gunn Creation – A tribute to the PARAM GURU’s boundless body of virtues
  • Launching a profoundly inspiring biography chronicling Param Gurudev’s remarkable journey of 50 years
  • Param Akshar: Launching a heritage gift of literature – 50 Granths, Texts which open the eyes of Truth
  • Short Film: Jug Jug Jiyo – A special expression of blessings by every living being of this Universe
  • Maha Manavta Prakalp Shubharambh : Unveiling Arham Yuva Seva Group’s milestone humanitarian projects

Mahaprabhavak Shree UvasaggaharStotra

ParamGurudev Shree NamramuniMaharajSaheb is an ardent aradhak of Mahaprabhavak Shree UvasaggaharStotra, a powerful mantra of the 23rdTirthankar of Jainism, Shri Parshwanath. He has mastered and actualized Shree Uvassaggahar Mantra with deep meditative practice and aatmasadhana; as a healer for the mind, body and soul. Millions of seekers across the world recount experiences of how the positivity of this mantra coupled with ParamGurudev’ssadhana has helped them overcome critical obstacles as well as cure acute illnesses.

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Param Mahagranth

An exquisite piece of literature that embodies Param Gurudev’s body of virtues and chronicles his 50-year life journey.

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Shri Hiteshbhai Shah: 7980790872
Shri Vishalbhai Hemani: 9831067208

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Param Akshar

Launching 50 granths, texts that throw light on the Truths of life. These granths are a compilation of from more than 75,000 hours of Bodh Vachan showered by Param Gurudev in his 30 years of Saiyam Jeevan.

To Book contact
Shri Hiteshbhai Shah: 7980790872
Shri Vishalbhai Hemani: 9831067208
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Messages from Saints

Saints and religious leaders of different faiths share their blessings and best wishes for Param Gurudev
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Acharya Pu. Shree Shivmuniji MS

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Acharya Pu. Shree Bhavchandraji MS

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Pu. Shree Manharmuniji MS

Messages From Dignitaries

Leaders from different walks of life share their Sadhbhavna messages for Param Gurudev
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Padmashree Dr. Kumarpalbhai Desai

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Shri Savjibhai Dholakia, Chairman- Hari Krishna Exports

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Shri Ajaybhai Sheth, Founder and Trustee of Quest Foundation, Sion

Messages from NRI Sanghs and Gurubhakts

Jain Sanghs and Gurubhakts from across the world share their heartfelt ahobhaav for Param Gurudev
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Gujrati Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Sudan Gurubhakts

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LnL London Gurubhakts