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Discovery of the Mantra

The Discovery of the Mantra

Param Gurudev’s discovery of Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra is very inspiring. He had just entered the second year of his ascetic life when he contracted a severe illness and vomited 80 per cent of his blood. Doctors had concluded that he had just a few moments to survive. On hearing this, the 22-year old saint started reciting Namaskar Mahamantra. He was fearless even in the face of death, and was preparing himself to welcome death peacefully.

Destiny, however, had something very different in store for him. He was born to lead countless souls on the path of truth. And so, in those precious moments, the words of a stotra which he had never read or heard before, started emanating from within. He himself was confused. But the more he tried to correct himself, the stronger the inner force of that unknown mantra became. He felt an unexplainable inner strength and asked the doctors to begin the treatment, with a self-confidence that he would survive. To their absolute surprise, he came out of danger within a few hours and started recovering.

Since then, he has mastered and actualised the Mantra with deep sadhana and meditative practice, uncovering the hidden energy of every syllable, word and stanza of this stotra.

Experience the soul-stirring Sadhana in Param Gurudev’s intense Brahmanaad

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Param Mantrotsav

A gift of Sadhana at the lotus feet of Param Gurudev on his 50th Birth Occasion
1,00,000 aradhaks from across the world gifted 9,00,00,000 (9 crore) Mantra Japps (recitations) in a period of 1 year. 11 divine malas and energised kalash were welcomed with deep reverence, joy and devotion at the house of every aradhak to recharge their homes with positivity and divinity. Hear their experiences.
9,00,00,000 Mantra Japps
1,00,000 Aradhaks
In 1 year

Mahaprabhavak Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra (Book)

Discover the history, meaning, significance and systematic approach of reciting the mantra to yield its benefits with perfection