Mahatapasvi Pujya Shree Param Vishuddhiji Mahasatiji


In sanidhya of Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharjsaheb, Param Vishudhiji Mahasatiji with just 18 months of saiyam life has managed to achieve a world record by practising 285 fasts in 11 months!
The World Record Indian team felicitated her with this gracious reward for practising and walking on the path of penance and spirituality at this tender age.

Muktavali Mahatapp Parna Highlights

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What is Muktavali Maha Tapp

Muktavali Maha Tapp is a challenging as well as a grand austerity where a devotee completes a total of 285 fasts during which only boiled water is consumed. Muktavali means a necklace of pearls. Like in the necklace of pearl, the size of pearls gradually increases and it ends with a gradual decrease in the size of pearl, similarly, Muktavali is a Tapp in which fasting days increase from 1 to 16 and thereafter decreases from 16 to 1.

A disciple of Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, Param Vishuddhiji Mahasatiji is approaching towards the completion of Muktavali Maha Tapp with immense courage and steadfastness. This event marks the first occurrence of such an arduous tapasya (austerity) within the distinguished Gondal Sampraday in the last hundreds of years.


Param Vishuddhi ji Masatiji has just attained 18 months in the saiyam life yet her tapasya journey has been more than extra ordinary. She has already completed 2 Mashikshaman which is fasting for 30 days continuously only with boiled water that too only till sunset!

Param Vishuddhiji Mahsatiji

The young, 22-year-old Jain Sadhviji Param Vishuddhiji Mahasatij has completed only 18 months of Diksha life in the divine sanidhya of Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb. She has chosen to break the shackles of karmas through her devotion and perseverance. With the completion of 2 Maaskshaman already i.e., fasting continuously for 30 days only on boiled water, she is now ready to embrace the completion of Muktavali Maha Tapp with a total of 285 days of fasts which is rare to witness in this 5th era.

Tapp Anumoodna

પ્રાણધામ મગોદ મુકામે 

પૂજ્ય સંપ્રદાયવરિષ્ઠા પૂજ્યશ્રી પ્રાણ કુવરબાઈ મહાસતીજી ના મંગલ સાનિધ્યમાં આ દિવાસી બેનો એ મહા તપસ્વી પૂજ્ય વિશુદ્ધિ મહાસતીજી ના તપની  અનુમોદના માટે જાપ તથા સાંજી રાખેલ છે

Uvasagharam sadhna bhavan

Pujya Shreyanshibai Mahasatiji na Sanidhya ma
Tapp Anumodna Sanji


રોયલપાર્ક સ્થા. જૈન મોટા સંઘ
સી.એમ.શેઠ પૌષધશાળા- ઓમાન વાળા ઉપાશ્રય

સદાનંદી Pujya Sumtibai Mahasatiji આદી ઠાણાઓ નાં સાનિધ્યમાં પરમ વિશુધ્ધિજી મહાસતીજી ના મુકતાવલી મહાતપ નિમિત્તે
આદર્શ તપ અનુમોદના 

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