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About the Mission

Divine Drive is a unique mobile-app driven concept that helps one shift focus from ‘what is urgent’ to ‘what is important’. Divine Drive is a community-driven and individual-focused medium that weaves spirituality in the daily lives of seekers through innovative tasks, experiments, self-evaluation mechanisms, emotion analysis, and self-introspection.
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“Spirituality is not a formality which we confine to temples and religious spaces. It is an art which keeps us conscious of our nature, a vital force which elevates our quality of thoughts and an inspiration to purify our ”
- Param Gurudev

Divine Drive App

The App has five sections, each with a different focus.

The Format



Individuals in the age group of 25 – 75

Course Duration

6 months

The Model

Divine Drive is a combination of individual and group efforts. Upasaks (participants) are divided into Whatsapp groups based on geography.
Every group has a central coordinator for queries and guidance
All tasks will be sent in the App every Monday which have to be executed for the entire week, except the Milestones.

Performance Monitoring

Every Upasak will be given points for completed tasks
Points will be allotted as group score as well as individual score, to boost team spirit and participation


Special awards will recognize achievers on the basis of participation and performance at the end of each course.
Immerse in the soul-stirring vibrations of mantra sadhana for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Divine Gems

Award for the BEST GROUP

Divine Jewels

Award for BEST UPASAK (Individual)

Enrolment Process

Download the App and Sign Up

Await approval and invitation to join the Whatsapp Group