About the Mission

A unique initiative exclusively for shravikas (women) which focusses on their all-rounded development and upliftment of their soul through weekly tatva-gnan classes. These sessions are quite dynamic and are focused to enhance the knowledge of Jain philosophy as well as inculcate values which then penetrate into the entire family.
“Look N Learn is a factory for ‘Bhavi na Bhagwan’ – today’s innocent hearts can become enlightened souls of the future if nurtured with the right knowledge, love and aatmik care.”
- Param Gurudev

55+ Centres

1,500+ volunteers

1 Million+ lives impacted

Aagam Vachana

Shravikas get a chance to explore the secrets of Jain Aagam scriptures and imbibe the profound message of Tirthankars in their lives.

Sadhu-Sadhviji Vaiyavachh

Shravikas actively engage in serving sadhu-sadhvijis belonging to any sect or path. They express their immense reverence by offering them with all the basic necessities that support that saiyam sadhana, such as upkarans, stationery, medicines, and more.

Humanitarian Activities

Shravikas regularly organise humanitarian activities such as visit to old age homes, food distribution drives, animal welfare activities and more.