About the Mission

The Jain community in India is blessed with profound spiritual guidance from saints and Guru Bhagwants during the Paryushan Mahaparva. But the same remains a big challenge for Jain communities and sanghs abroad. With a vision of nurturing the values of compassion, truth and self-awareness in Jain communities overseas, Param Gurudev has inspired and mentored the Shasan Prabhavak Group – a group of trained spiritual speakers who deliver practical and life-changing pravachans during Paryushan Mahaparva.
“Look N Learn is a factory for ‘Bhavi na Bhagwan’ – today’s innocent hearts can become enlightened souls of the future if nurtured with the right knowledge, love and aatmik care.”
- Param Gurudev

55+ Centres

1,500+ volunteers

1 Million+ lives impacted

Making every ritual spiritual

From the basic vandana to the auspicious Samvatsari Alochana and Pratikraman, these Shasan Prabhavaks bring meaning, logic and innermost reverence in every ritual to make it spiritual.

Pravachans with Practical Experiments

Sessions are coupled with interesting and thought-provoking practical experiments which inspire participants to imbibe the lessons learnt in their daily lives for the entire year

Different Speakers for Different Age Groups

Children, youth and adults – every age group has speakers that they can easily connect with