About the Mission

Satsang is the spiritual anchor of a seeker’s life. Online Sambodhi Satsang is a weekly / bi-weekly satsang programme conducted by Param Mahasatijis and Swadhyaykars for youth and adults who live on foreign shores. The satsang touches upon various qualities which subjects of practical relevance which can help seekers inculcate spirituality 24×7 in their lives.
“Look N Learn is a factory for ‘Bhavi na Bhagwan’ – today’s innocent hearts can become enlightened souls of the future if nurtured with the right knowledge, love and aatmik care.”
- Param Gurudev

55+ Centres

1,500+ volunteers

1 Million+ lives impacted

Profound sessions by Param Mahasatijis

Young and highly educated Param Mahasatijis who are blessed to be trained and spiritually guided by Param Gurudev himself, conduct these sessions.

Multi-language Sessions

Sessions are conducted in English, Hindi and Gujarati, to suit the needs of the participants

Practical Spirituality

The sessions are a combination of theoretical learning along with challenging and thought-provoking hands-on tasks to help seekers understand every subject in a detailed manner.