Tapotsav - Muktavali Mahatapp of 285 UPVAS | Param Vishuddhiji Mahasatiji

Nothing is impossible when you Decide! A new milestone got inscribed in the history of Jainism. The young, 22 year old Jain Sadhviji Param Vishuddhiji Mahasatij has chosen to break the shackles of karmas through her devotion and perseverance. With the completion of 2 Maaskshaman already i.e. fasting for 30 days on boiled water, she is now ready to embrace the completion of Muktavali Maha Tapp. In the divine sanidhy of Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, the  pious land of Giri Girnar  is witnessing the Historic and Awe-inspiring Tapasya – Muktavali Maha Tapp.


Where Karmas are the root cause of all sorrows in this world and the reason behind the cycle of Birth and Death, Tapasya is the way to destroy the Karma and get closer to the ultimate goal of Moksh.  Tapasvi Ratna Param Vishuddhiji Mahasatiji, who has undergone diksha (renunciation) for only 1.5 years, is now marching towards the completion of this Maha Tapasya of 285 days of fasts in just 345 days with immense courage and steadfastness which is rare to witness in this 5th era. She waves the flag of Jinshasan and uplifts Parmatma Mahavir’s Shasan with Glory through this rearrest penance. This event marks the first occurrence of such an arduous tapasya (austerity) within the distinguished Gondal Sampraday in the last 250 years.


Jain Agam Shree Antagad Sutra covers details of 90 noble souls who attained moksh in era of Prabhu Mahavir and Prabhu Neminath. It’s eight chapter gives details of various Tapp including the Maha Muktavali Tapp done by queens of the King Shrenik who all attained liberation with Tapasya. Muktavali means a necklace of pearls. Like in the necklace of pearl,  the size of pearls gradually increases and it ends with a gradual decrease in the size of pearl, similarly, Muktavali is a Tapp in which fasting days increase from 1 to 16 and thereafter decreases from 16 to 1.


Every moment of this Tapotsav is filled with awe, inspiration and exhilaration towards the Jain Sadhviji. Thousands of people bowed down in deep respect and expressed their ahobhaav through different kinds of Tapasya and Tyaag. With anumodna in the air towards a remarkable journey of penance, bhaviks from all over the world bowed down in respect and ahobhaav towards Maha Tapasya.


Let us all come together and bow down at the feet of such a Maha Tapasvi and drench in anumodna for such a pious soul!


Anumodna! Aho Jin Shasanam!