Maha Tapotsav

For the first time in the 2,500 yr-old history of Jain tradition, a Jain sadhviji – Param Saumyaji Mahasatiji has undertaken an arduous tapasya of 1008 ayambil fasts. In this ayambil tapasya, she has not eaten any fruits or vegetables, milk, butter, curd, oil, ghee, buttermilk, spices, flavours, or any kinds of sweets for 1008 continuous days. Instead, she has only consumed boiled pulses and lentils once a day. And she will culminate her fast on this auspicious occasion.

Diksha Mahotsav

22-year-old Mumukshu Yashvi didi Nandu will now advance on the path of Jain Diksha. A young and bright individual, who has been excelled at academic studies, has now courageously chosen to leave materialistic pursuits in the quest for truth and inner purity. After blessing 57 youngsters with the vows of renunciation, Param Gurudev shall now bless Yashvi didi with the sacred vows of Bhagwati Jain Diksha.

Photo Gallery

Diksha Agna Arpan Vidhi

Tapotsav Anumodana In Mulund

Diksharthi Sanman In Gondal

Diksharthi Sanman In Rajkot