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Thousands of people celebrated a euphoric event called TAPPOTSAV

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A Young Jain Saint completes 154 fasts in 187 days – People across the world join in this Awe-inspiring moment.
Thousands of people bowed down in honour to a young Jain saint, aged just 28, who has completed 154 fasts in 187 days. His unique, boiled water-only fast without any fruits or vegetables is creating ripples around the world. His name is Tappkesari Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb, and he is a disciple of Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb. He undertook the arduous Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Tapp, which includes a series of fasts that resemble the gait of a lion. Thousands of people celebrated a euphoric event called TAPPOTSAV as he concluded his 6+ month long fast.
On this occasion, more than 100 Jain sadhu-sadhvijis from various sects were present to honour his fast. Jains are known to have an impression that they eat only the kind of food which adheres to their spiritual values – vegetarian food devoid of any root vegetables. And this is their utmost faith in the tenet of ahimsa (non-violence), which says that root vegetables contain infinite microorganisms and shouldn’t get harmed for our taste and palate. As a result, the hospitality industry across the world recognises their preference and offers Jain meals in hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc. To further strengthen this value in the new generation, Param Gurudev gave a heart-touching clarion call to all Jains, “Make one resolution, that you will not consume any non-Jain food when you are in hotels, restaurants or outdoors. If this young saint can remain so steadfast in his fast, you can remain steadfast in your vow too.” Param Gurudev further added, “While millions of people waste their food every day, there are very rare souls who invest their human birth through the strength of tapasya (fasting).” The event witnessed a huge fundraiser that raised $400,000 for animal welfare activities and spread the fragrance of ahimsa far and wide.
On this occasion, the audience witnessed an eye-opening interaction between Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb and Dr. Alan Goldhamer, founder of True North Health Centre (USA) that uses long-term water-only fasting as a therapy for treating chronic diseases. The conversation brought to light the physiological health benefits of fasting from a scientific perspective and how the fasting methodology in Jain philosophy described by Parmatma Mahavir 2,600+ years ago has so much relevance and convergence with today’s modern science.
After 5 long years, seekers in Mumbai got a chance to immerse in the invigorating sadhana of Mahaprabhavak Shree Uvasaggaharam Stotra by Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb – one of the most powerful healing mantras for enhancing positivity, prosperity and purity.
Community leaders and sect leaders bestowed the title of ‘Tappkesari’ upon Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb and honoured him with a shawl. The most unique aspect of this event was a special arrangement through which every person in the audience got an opportunity to offer something to the saint for the moment he ended his fast. Expressing his deepest gratitude, Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb said, “I am a very ordinary saint, but the respect that you all are showering is for the path of tapasya (fasting) shown by Parmatma Mahavir. With my Guru’s grace, these are just my tiny footsteps on the path of sadhana. Today, I seek your blessings that I may be able to undertake even bigger fasts to purify my soul.”

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