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The Aagam Scriptures are a compilation of Parmatma Mahavir’s discourses as assimilated by Pujya Gandhar Bhagwants and Shri Acharya Bhagwants. The magnanimity of Parmatma’s wisdom is so intense that every possible subject of the entire Universe is touched upon in these vast and resourceful scriptures. No knowledge, element, study or philosophy in the entire world is such that it cannot be deciphered by the Aagam Scriptures. From contemporary concepts pertaining to biology, psychology, mathematics, cosmology, astronomy, astrology, metaphysics, geology, material sciences, history, politics, etc. to timeless concepts and traditional principles like Aatma (soul), Pudgal (Matter), Samay (Time), principles for Jain monastic conduct, etc., the Aagam scriptures cover everything.

With a dream to take Parmatma Mahavir’s message to every corner of the world and a vision to propound the tenets of Jainism in a manner which can help resolve global challenges like violence, terrorism, inequality, war, crimes and and find creative solutions to ecological challenges like global warming, deforestation, etc,; Param Gurudev has initiated the massive mission of translating the Aagam Scriptures in English. With more than 50 scholars and Pandits investing their time and efforts in the mission globally, the Aagam translation team feels blessed to be a part of a mission which allows them to dive into the vast heritage of knowledge bestowed upon mankind by Parmatma Mahavir.

Keeping this objective in mind, the Mission aspires to translate every Aagam in the English Language and make them accessible to international universities, world libraries, research centers and Jain Institutions via physical copies and in electronic forms. Saints and heads from various traditions of Jainism have expressed their heartfelt blessings for the success of this mission.

Scholars, seekers, and Shravak – Shravikas who wish to contribute towards this mission with their valuable time and efforts as well as with monetary assistance, are invited in making this mission a true success.

Mission Head: Girish Bhai Shah | Contact No.: +91-9223314335 | Email ID:
Mission Head: Gunvant Bhai Barvalia | Contact No.: +91-98202-15542 | Email ID: