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Divine DrivePrayog se Param tak ki Yatra

A Self-Experimental, Self-Monitoring Journey for Self-Upliftment


Divine Drive is a unique initiative that guides upashaks (seekers) to advance in their spiritual journey through self-monitoring and experimentation. This app-based programme evolves your awareness and mindfulness to upgrade your inner satisfaction and happiness. Through Divine Drive, you will learn how to drive your mind (mann), speech (vachan) and body (kaya) in all situations and circumstances, and connect with your inner self – the greatest source of positivity, energy and enthusiasm. It is an experimental learning with a methodological approach that encourages an upashak to self-examine and contemplate.



The Divine Drive app uses a systematic approach to help you monitor your qualities and weaknesses. Upashaks are given one new aagna (task) every week. The tasks are designed in a way that target one’s inner vrutti, nature, and negative qualities; thus, challenging you to consciously reflect and act upon yourself.

The Divine Drive app consists of five sections –

  1. Nityakram: You receive a fresh simple task at the beginning of every week. You are required to dedicate only few minutes of your day for accomplishing the simple task. Time spent in Nityakram flushes out negativity and de-clutters your mind for a fresh positive start of the day.
  2. Bhaav Tarang: You are encouraged to monitor your mood for the entire week and thereby exercise self-control on your negative emotions. At the end of week-long analysis, you experience a positive change in your thought process.
  3. Sadhana: Like a balanced diet is required for a healthy body, varieties of sadhanas are instrumental in keeping the soul healthy! Beginning of every week, a new Sadhana task is received which is to be executed for the entire week. Different sadhanas like Mantra Jaap, Meditation, Introspection, Bhakti, Prarthana helps you cleanse your aura, and make your soul purer.
  4. MVK Challenge: The ‘Mann Vachana Kaya Challenge’ is a special weekly challenge to increase mindfulness and streamline the three yogs (channels – mind, body and speech) for bringing inner balance and boosting your aatma sadhana.
  5. Milestones Tasks: These signature tasks come once or twice a week with a surprise element and have to be accomplished on the same day.



  • Eligibility: Individuals in the age group of 25 – 75 years, who wish to make a sincere effort to purify their nature and upgrade their quality can participate. They should be active in Whatsapp for communication regarding the tasks and have efficiency in using App based technology.
  • The Divine Drive model is a combination of individual and group efforts. Upashaks are divided into Whatsapp groups based on geography throughout the course period to aid group-based activities.
  • Every group will have coordinators to guide the Upashaks in case of any queries regarding the App functionality and the tasks.
  • All tasks will be sent in the App every Monday which have to be executed for the entire week, except the Milestones. Points are allotted for every completed task.
  • Performance is monitored on both individual as well as group level and forms the basis of evaluation. At any point of time Individual and Group Spiritual Score can be viewed in the app.

Advantages of Divine Drive

  • Most of the people spend majority of their time in doing “what is urgent” than “what is important”. Divine Drive helps in shifting the focus towards “what is important” and hence changing priorities.
  • Each and every person wants happiness, peace and prosperity. Divine Drive is a one stop destination for the fulfillment of all these desires. Every ritual is made special to make it spiritual.
  • In today’s world achieving spirituality is difficult and hence if you want to awaken your inner strengths and capabilities then Divine Drive will aid you in the same.
  • Join in this programme and make all the obstacles in your spiritual journey, stepping stones of your journey.
  • Divine Drive makes technology a friend in your aatma sadhana instead of a distraction and diversion.
  • By being a part of this initiative, your inner voice will awaken and your ability to take decisions will be enhanced. It will help you achieve clarity of thoughts and highlight your priorities.
  • If you wanted to spend quality time and free yourself, then get on this User-friendly Divine Drive App!



On course completion, there is a special awards to recognize achievers on the basis of participation and performance.

Divine Gems – Award for the best group | Divine Jewels – Award for the best Upasak (individual)



  • Online forms should be filled on Divine Drive Registration Page (completely with all the necessary details and a photograph.)
  • Incomplete forms may not be accepted.
  • Approved Upasak’s will be added in a Whatsapp group for further communication on app download and signup.
  • For trial of the program please visit this Trial Registration Page


Contact us

Email id: divine.drive@parasdham.org
Mobile: +91 8657484481


Testimonial 1:

Experience of karma level:
The concept of DIVINE DRIVE is very unique. This is a drive where; we are both the driver and the passenger. The path of spiritual destination is laid by Pujya Gurudev Shree. There are many obstacles (karma) in one’s life and it is upto us to focus and work on each obstacles (karma) as we drive ahead towards spiritual divinity.
My personal experience:

  1. Since 2012, I was unable to kanthasth “Shree Uvasaggaharam Stotra” but due to DIVINE DRIVE task and Pujya Gurudev’s aseem krupa, I am able to kanthasth it (learn by heart) and now recite it effortlessly.
  2. I was not aware of the various Samayik Sutras. I feared seeing the words of the Samayik Sutras and never used to learn them, but due to DIVINE DRIVE and Pujya Gurudev’s aseem krupa, I was able to kanthasth all Samayik Sutras and now I can effortlessly recite them.
  3. I always felt learning Pratikraman sutra is impossible and I dont have the capability to do kanthasth, but due to DIVINE DRIVE and Pujya Gurudev’s aseem krupa, I have completed the kanthasth of 8 pratikraman sutras and I am proceeding ahead.
  4. The tasks and sadhana’s of each karma level that I do through DIVINE DRIVE sections, I can literally feel my karma changing (parivartan), my nature changing, my bhaav being utkrusth most of the times, my spiritual growth happening, my MVK (mann vachan kaya) being vinay (respectful) and saral (humble) most of the times.

All that I am able to do through DIVINE DRIVE and achieve is because of the divine path laid by Pujya Gurudev Shree. I will always be indebted to Pujya Gurudev Shree and thank him for the rest of my life for the beautiful jain dharma he has shown me and taught me, and more importantly brought it to my mobile phone in the form of DIVINE DRIVE tasks and sadhana. Pujya Gurudev Shree will always be my divine force in this spiritual journey, and all that I have been able to achieve, I with all humility put in his lotus feet.

Upasak Nimeshbhai Shah
Divine Devotees

Testimonial 2:

Jai Jinendra Jai Gurudev
Karma level was really challenging, the name karma itself kept me more alert. I feel due to fear that “aa karma nu parinam maré bhogavu padse” (I would have to bear the fruits of my karma), I would admit that I have missed to follow few things but I felt very guilty after that.
Yes! alertness in chanting mantra which left a deep impact. While doing any activity I keep on chanting mantra in my mind. Following “Musthi pachhkhan” (closing your fist while not eating and then opening it only while eating) was really amazing thing to do as I had never thought that the magnitude of Punya one can bind can be equivalent to 3 Maskshaman. (one Maskshaman= 30 days of Upvas)

All activities were a great learning experience and amongst all Antakshari was really very good, Sadhna of listening to Bhakti song made me connect to Param made my mind calm. The best I experience was wearing “prabhu’s vesh” as it took me to another level at that moment which actually made me realise the power of upkarans.

The most challenging task for me was to Avoid giving advice or opinion as we are so used to do it frequently.

Divine Seeker
Upasak Bela didi

Testimonial 3:

Jai Jinendra Jai Gurudev
With Pujya Gurudev’s Asim Krupa completed this week’s MVK Challenge of blindfold for 15mins.
I tried different activities each day and then repeated the same activity again 2 days later.
Activites l did:

  1. Washing the dishes.
  2. Getting the dining table ready including the food to be eaten.
  3. Eating blindfolded.
  4. Doing 27 Vandanas
  5. Folding the clothes and sorting them.
  6. Drying the clothes
  7. Turning off the alarm on the handphone
  8. Watching a movie and watching my kids play video games
  9. Listening to pravachan.
  10. Moving around the house
  11. Answering the handphone and the normal phones
  12. Picking up the things from the floor when l step on them.
  13. Showering

I did the tasks for 6 Days.
The first time was hard.
Then the same task the 2nd time became easier.
Just because l can’t see the rest of the senses were at work.
I kept getting mental pictures of what I am doing, where the things are like the light switches, the knobs on the toaster, the number of steps on the staircase, imagination when listening to the movie and video games and what Pujya Gurudev’s expression will be at the particular sentence.
The hardest was completing the 27 Vandanas. The position l start at and after 27 Vandanas were different.
I used to have the feeling of pity for those without sight. I have helped many of them. But they were strangers. But, now l have tremendous respect for them on their adaptability to life and the world focused for people with sight.
Thank you Pujya Gurudev and the core team of Divine Drive for coming up with challenging tasks to change our perception and not to waste our present human birth.

Thank you for reading.
Upasak Bina ben Doshi Dubai

Testimonial 4:

Pujya Gurudev ne mara bhavpurvak vandan
Thank you Gurudev, and Divine Drive team. By giving such tasks you are taking care of our soul and making us understand the importance of good deeds. Helping, sharing & giving is the foundation of any religion. What we learn through practicing humanity cannot be learnt through books. I did make sure that I do perform each of given task with love, compassion & empathy. In one milestone we had to give away uniform to the kids but here in my town they don’t have uniform so I donated children clothes as I don’t want to miss any single task given. Same way we don’t have security personnel’s, we have cameras so I offered coldrinks & snacks to my staff in scorching summer. I think is this the best form of worship ever. I loved doing all the milestones.

Upasak Heena ben Zaveri