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Prayog se Param tak ki Yatra

A systematic structured approach to track one’s activities – virtues and vices.

A program at your fingertips… Monitor your spiritual growth through the mobile app

Divine Drive is about self-introspection through self-experimentation

  • Weekly and Daily milestones will be posted that will empower, energize and elevate
  • Watch your relationships become healthy
  • See yourself as happy and contented
  • Observe your aura becoming positive and powerful

Eligibility: A program for ages between 25 to 50 years

An individual and group spiritual score monitors and tracks growth.

Duration: 6 months

Every ritual made special to make it spiritual.

Best team and performers are awarded.

Contact us: +91 8657484481 | +91 8657484475 | +91 8657484476 | Email IDdivine.drive@parasdham.org

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