Param Sadhana

When one develops an inner urge to change one’s nature, it marks the beginning of sadhana. There are numerous hurdles, obstacles and challenges on the path of sadhana. Param Sadhana is a guiding light for a sadhak, on how to navigate through these challenges and overcome the obstacles to achieve the ultimate purpose of self-purification.

Param Prerna

A single inspiration can sometimes change an entire life. It can sometimes give an individual all the courage that he needs to rise after a crucial setback. It can give someone a new perspective that helps him accept some of the most unacceptable situations in life. Param Prerna is a compilation of such heart-touching inspirations […]

Param Yuddh

There can be countless wars outside, but the one who commences a war within, is a true warrior. Param Yuddh is an inspiration for a seeker to win over his own self, his vices, his shortcomings, and emerge victorious in his ultimate Aatmayatra.

Param Vishwas

Failure or frustration, question or query, doubts or desires, confusion or confession, when we find a solution to our problems, it brings a wide smile on our face and a feeling of relaxation in our hearts. Param Vishwas is a classic collection of excerpts from Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb’s thoughtful pravachans to […]


Apurva Shrut Aradhika Pujya Shree Lilambai Mahasatiji was an ocean of compassion, a Saiyam warrior in the true spirit and one whose Shasan Seva will be remembered forever in the history of Jin Shasan. An insight into Pujya Sahebji’s life, her thoughts and her very inspiring Saiyam Yatra is this short yet compelling English excerpt […]