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A Divine Connection

Param Gurudev’s connection with Shree Uvasaggaharm Stotra is one of faith, devotion and unmatched Divinity. His discovery of this connection is an indelible impression on his life and a miraculous inspiration for many.

A year after adopting the Diksha Vrat, Param Gurudev became seriously ill in 1992 when he was in Jamnagar. He suffered from a severe infection, as a result of which he vomited 80% of his blood. Doctors conceded that there was no hope. But Param Gurudev had a strong will power and fearlessness even in the face of death. He closed his eyes and started connecting with Parmatma through prayers. He started reciting the Namaskar Mantra in the hope of embracing death with Parmatma in his heart. However, he realized that he had unknowingly begun chanting Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra, a Mantra he had never read or heard in his life before. It seemed as if a powerful divine connection was prophesying to him, as if his sixth sense was whispering to him, “You have to live, You will live…!” Sensing a strong rejuvenation within, Param Gurudev asked the doctors to continue their treatment, while he continued reciting the Stotra with the same melody and rhythm as he does today. Within hours, he was out of danger, surprising many…including himself!

Param Gurudev realized that his connection with the Stotra had played an integral role in bringing him back from the doors of death. He developed intensive faith in this Stotra and delved into deep Sadhna to explore his connection with Parmatma Parshwanath and Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra. Whenever a Sadhak does the Jaap of one single Mantra/Stotra crores and crores of times, the Stotra gets embedded in his soul and he starts experiencing the vibrations of the Stotra in each and every moment of his life. The Stotra becomes AJAPP – inseparable and constant, and it thus becomes the breath of his life! The Sadhak thus achieves Mantra Siddhi and the Mantra becomes his supporter by emanating positive vibrations and energy wherever he is. Param Gurudev also practiced intense Sadhna and dissolved his entire existence in devotion towards Parmatma Parshwanath and Parshwa Yaksh through Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra. The Stotra thus became One with his breath, his very life force. Even today, Param Gurudev’s Sadhna with the Stotra is so powerful that in every living moment, He is in connection with the Stotra and its energies. It is thus, that thousands and thousands of seekers who imbibe this Stotra from Him, are able to experience its magnanimity as He does.