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2nd December

7:30 am

Diksharthi Shobhayatra

From Shri Manojbhai Deliwala’s residence

2nd December

9:30 am


Forgiveness and Friendship with all living beings

2nd December

3:00 pm

Aapne pan, Hey Prabhu tara pagle

Diksha Special Event

3rd December

9:30 am

“Saiyam Ma” Na Khode

Surrendering to Saiyam (Saiyam “ma” na Khode) – An opportunity to embrace five Samiti and three Gupti

4th December

9:30 am

“Hu Hato, Hu Hoish”

A divine moment to annihilate all the vices and Paap dosh by giving “Appanam Vosirami”