|| संजमेणं तवसा अप्पाणं भावेमाणे विहरई ||

A disciple of Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, TappKesari Pujya Shree Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb adopted the vows of Jain Diksha in 2016 at Mumbai. Like his name, his every action displays the purity of his heart and undeterred faith in his Guru. The pillars of his Saiyam life are built on the strong foundation of Seva, Bhakti, Sadhana, Swadhyay.

Imbibing and implementing Bhagvan Mahavir’s preaching,

|| संजमेणं तवसा अप्पाणं भावेमाणे विहरई ||

Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb makes every moment of his Diksha life worthwhile by being engrossed in the bhaav of saiyam and tapp. In his very first Chaturmas in 2016, he did the supreme tapp (penance) of Maaskhsaman (fasting continuously for 30 days)! Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb experiences inner bliss to offer seva towards the elderly saints and is always eager to do their Vaiyyavach. He is relentlessly involved in the Jain Aagam Seva project with an intent to spread Paramatma’s valuable preaching in every corner of the globe.

He often engages himself in some or the other small penances like Attham Tapp (continuous three-day fast) and many other similar sadhanas. With Param Gurudev’s inspiration and motivation, at a young age of 28 years and only six years of Saiyam life, Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb has undertaken an extraordinarily unique and rigorous penance ‘Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Tapp’.

Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Tapp is a rigorous penance that resembles a lion’s gait. Just as a lion walks a few steps ahead and then carefully withdraws one step backward before going forward again, a sadhak practices penance in a similar manner through a series of fasts. A sadhak practices 154 fasts in 187 days. One does not eat any food during these fasts and only drinks boiled water between sunrise and sunset. The series of fasts is as follows:

1 fast – parna – 2 fasts – parna – 1 fast – parna – 3 fasts – parna – 2 fasts – parna – 4 fasts – parna – 3 fasts … this forward-backward system of fasts continues in an ascending order till 9 fasts – parna – 8 fasts – parna – 9 fasts and then the same way in descending order till 1 fast.

During this one-of-a-kind tapp sadhana of 187 days, Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb has been exercising mastery over his desires and experiencing the difference between the permanent soul and temporary body with equanimity; just like Paramatma! King Mahabal, the previous birth of 19th Tirthankar Parmatma Mallinath’s soul, had practiced this penance. Great souls such as Queen Mahakaali of King Shrenik and several other revered ascetics had also practiced this penance in the past.

Towards the completion of this rigorous tapp, the body was exhibiting its nature of becoming weak, but Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb’s will power was getting stronger and deeper. During one of Parna days towards the end of the fast, Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb went for seeking gochari (bhiksha) from door to door himself, with immense gratitude towards tapp dharm. He is often awake and contemplating to stay immersed in his sadhana in the middle of the night! He is an embodiment of supreme vinay bhaav (humility) and doesn’t miss any opportunity to serve his senior ascetics inspite of his tapp sadhana! His inspiring virtues like endurance, inner strength and unwavering resolve shall set a benchmark for the world to behold!

Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb’s supreme tapp sadhana shall be inscribed in golden words in the glorious history of Jin Shasan!