What is Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Tapp

Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Tapp is a rigorous penance which resembles the gait of a lion. Just as a lion walks few steps ahead and then carefully withdraws one step backward before going ahead again, a sadhak practices penance in a similar manner through a series of fasts.

A sadhak practices 154 fasts in a period of 187 days. During these fasts, he does not eat any food. He drinks only boiled water from sunrise to sunset.The series of fasts is as follows:1 fast – parna – 2 fasts – parna – 3 fasts – parna – 2 fasts – parna – 4 fasts – parna – 3 fasts … this forward-backward system of fasts continues in an ascending order till 9 fasts and then the same way in a descending order.

Great souls such as Parmatma Mallinath’s soul in the previous birth as King Mahabal; Queen Kaali of King Shrenik, and several other revered ascetics have practiced this penance in the past.

TappKesari Param Pavitra Muni Maharaj Saheb

Imbibing and implementing Bhagvan Mahavir’s preaching, TappKesari Param Pavitramuni Maharaj Saheb makes every moment of his Diksha life worthwhile by being engrossed in the bhaav of saiyam and tapp. In his very first Chaturmas in 2016, he did the supreme tapp (penance) of Maaskhsaman (fasting continuously for 30 days) and now he has done Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Tapp (154 Fasts in 187days)

Diksha Date & Place: 14 Feb, 2016 at Mumbai
Diksha Period: 6 Years
Tapp Details : Mashkshaman, Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Tapp

Event Schedule

Witness Tapotsav – Historic Parna Avsar of TappKesari Param Pavitra Muni Maharaj Saheb who did Laghu Sinhnishkreedit Tapp (154 Fasts in 187 Days)

Ahoyatra Shobhayatra

6, 9, 11 and 14 March

Anumodana Shobhayatra

Tapotsav Mahotsav

10 to 13 March


Tapotsav Mahotsav

14 to 16 March


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Tapotsav Venue

BCCI Ground, Kandivali West, Mahavir Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India