"Every Birth. New Identity. New Relations. New Family. New Race for Happiness. Till when? Realise the mistake called ‘sansar’! "

Prabhu’s words of truth have the strength to transform our entire life and belief system. Mumukshu Shri Nidhi didi was blessed to hear these Prabhu vachan from Param Gurudev for the very first time at a Yuva Shibir in Rajkot in 2011. And in this shibir, she realised that, ‘It is rare to achieve human birth. But it is even more rare to attain saiyam.’
At the age of just 19 years, this truth touched her heart, and her journey of self-exploration began. She became a part of several missions in Param Gurudev’s sanidhya and seva became the heart of her life.
In 2014, she attended another shibir in Param Gurudev’s sanidhya. Being a youngster who loved potatoes, onions and garlic; she learnt the concept of nigod in Jain philosophy. She understood that just a tiny particle of potato also contains infinite living beings. And this made her heart tremble with compassion. She questioned herself, “Am I going to give pain to such infinite living beings for my taste? Every step of sansar is a lifestyle where you hurt infinite other living beings. How can I be so cruel at heart? No! The sinless and compassionate life of saiyam is the only true path.” And this brought one strong determination in her heart that, “Yes, even I want to take diksha.”
From that day onwards, Nidhi didi repeatedly asked for permission from her parents to follow her saiyam dream. But they found it difficult to grant her permission, given the deep attachment they had for her. That marked the beginning of a patient wait with the sadhana of seva.
For 8 long years, she made seva the breath of her life. Be it collecting the highest volume of old newspapers to raise funds for humanitarian work with Arham Yuva Seva Group or nurturing young minds with Prabhu Mahavir’s teachings at Look N Learn Jain Gyan Dham, handling the Divine Shop at Parasdham (Rajkot) or volunteering at all events, being a coordinator for Divine Drive Rajkot or even doing seva of diksharthis during Diksha Mahotsavs, Nidhi didi has always been a front runner in various seva activities.
Her patience along with her strong determination, eventually won the hearts of her parents. After putting her through many tests, they too realised that their child’s happiness lies only in saiyam. And finally, they granted her the permission to take diksha wholeheartedly and do her aatmakalyan.