"Now I understand why I was a misfit in sansar, because I was a perfect fit for ‘saiyam’, a perfect fit for Parmatma’s path."

‘I have everything, but still, something is missing!’ From amongst millions of youngsters who feel this emotion every single day, Mumukshu Shri Jinal didi chose to step up and discover this missing factor. From touring China to Switzerland, from latest gadgets to latest fashion, Jinal didi was born and brought up in an environment of extreme luxury. However, it was that very luxury that made her realise the temporary nature of happiness that it can give.

In 2014, Jinal didi attended a shibir in Param Gurudev’s sanidhya at Devlali (near Nashik). That was the first time that a curiosity to know the truth arose in her heart. Here, she learnt that ‘I am different from this body. ‘I’ and ‘my’ are different. I am a soul!’ Even though she was very young, this truth touched her heart. While she always had a feeling of being a ‘misfit’ in her luxurious life, she spent 15 days in sanidhya of Param Mahasatijis where her inner voice said, ‘I am a perfect fit over here!’

Jinal didi continued pursuing her education, but at the same time, she kept testing the truth. She kept comparing – ‘What is permanent and what is temporary? Where do I find real happiness?’ And when she was certain that real happiness could be found only within, she decided to advance ahead on the path of saiyam. Jinal didi has been receiving training as a sadhak in Param Gurudev’s sanidhya for the last three years.

In these three years, she has immersed herself in seva and swadhyay. Jinal didi has studied Shri Avashyak Sutra, Shri Acharang Sutra, Shri Dashvaikalik Sutra, Shri Sukhvipak Sutra, Shri Ratnakar Pachisi, Shri Bhaktamar Stotra and several Jain thokdas.

She has also been a student of Kolkata’s Look N Learn Jain Gyan Dham and was an active member of Arham Yuva Seva Group (Kolkata), a youth wing that is involved in various humanitarian projects.