"I want to take diksha because staying in saiyam is the true nature of my soul."

Freedom and independence are the most prized possessions for every individual in today’s age. ‘I want neither the pressure of married life, nor the restrictions of saiyam life. I want to own the biggest business company and have many employees work under me’. This was Mumukshu Shri Hetali didi’s future ambition when she first got the opportunity of Pujya Shri Shridattabai Mahasatiji’s darshan at Kolkata. She was just fifteen years old then.
On hearing her aspiration of becoming a businesswoman, Mahasatiji simply smiled and said, “Just imagine, if the opposite would happen.” This question left young Hetali didi quite perplexed, because she just couldn’t imagine having to work under anyone else.
But as time passed, Pujya Mahasatiji’s sanidhya and satsang slowly brought about a realisation of truth in her – true freedom does not lie in being independent outside. It lies in becoming free from the desires of your mind. Independence is not about having everything your way or as per your choice, it is about becoming choiceless. From being a slave of your mind, it is a process of becoming a master of your mind.
As this truth started growing deeper, it brought about a 360-degree change in her outlook towards life. She gained clarity about what is worth doing and what is not. And she became determined that I want to make this precious human life worthy. Her parents were initially hesitant, but her determination eventually won their hearts too. And with Param Gurudev’s inspiration, they happily welcomed her decision to advance on the path of saiyam. Her Diksha Agna Arpan (official consent for Diksha) took place on 25 February, 2021.
Saiyam is a journey where a soul is put through tests in each and every moment of his life. And a true Mumukshu is the one whose faith in saiyam remains unmoved even in the most challenging situations. As destiny would have it, during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India (May 2021), her Guruni Pujya Shri Shridattabai Mahasatiji succumbed to the infection after a critical battle.
The one who had awakened her soul, the one who made her realise the truth was not with her anymore. As a result, several questions arose in everybody’s mind. But even while there were questions outside, there was a firm determination in Hetali didi’s heart.
After you have experienced the truth, after you have awakened your inner voice, there is no going back. And so, with utmost devotion towards her saiyam, complete surrender to Param Gurudev and Pujya Mahasatiji, and unwavering faith in Prabhu’s Jin Shasan, Mumukshu Shri Hetali didi is now advancing on the path of saiyam for her own aatmakalyan.