"If I can achieve the best, if I can do what my Parmatma did, then why should I settle for less? "

While millions of people are born in a family that is bonded by attachment and affection, only a few rare souls are born in a Prabhu Parivar where Prabhu is their family member and he guides them on the path of aatmakalyan. Parmatma Rushabhdev, the first Tirthankar in Jainism, had led his entire family onto the path of saiyam and they achieved liberation with him. And we witness the same history repeating itself today.
Param Gurudev embarked on the path of diksha at the young age of 21 years. He was followed by his mother, who became Pujya Shri Prabodhikabai Mahasatiji. In 2018, Param Gurudev’s brother’s daughter took diksha and became Param Vibhutiji Mahasatiji. She was followed by Param Gurudev’s sister’s daughter, who became Param Aradhyaji Mahasatiji and then another brother’s daughter who became Param Aatmiyaji Mahasatiji.
Inspired by the realisation of truth, a sixth member from this family is now ready to advance on the path of saiyam. 21-year-old Devanshi didi, who was studying pharmacy, has now found the permanent cure to the endless circle of life. After her elder sister, Param Vibhutiji Mahasatiji was blessed with the vows of diksha, it gave a spark to Devanshi didi to identify her true self.
Since the last three years, Devanshi didi has been offering selfless seva and vaiyavachh to elderly Pujya Mahasatijis. Extremely simple and pure at heart, Devanshi didi’s virtue of innocence has won the hearts of one and all. Along with seva, she also does daily swadhyay and makes an effort to strengthen her vairagya bhaav. She has studied Shri Avashyak Sutra, Shri Dashvaikalik Sutra, Shri Bhaktamar Stotra, Shri Ratnakar Pachisi and several Thokdas.