Parvadhiraj Paryushan Mahaparva 2019


|| Parvadhiraj Paryushan Mahaparva Mangal Mahotsav ||

27.08.2019 – 03.09.2018

Parvadhiraj Paryushan Mahaparva is a significant Jain festival celebrated for eight days. A celebration in which we introspect upon our faults and improvise on our shortcomings. Throughout the year, we keep running to meet the worldly duties. However, Paryushan is an occasion to fulfill the responsibilities towards our Soul! By listening to the discourses during these auspicious days, one can realize and repent for his mistakes an uplift their souls.

Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb unfolds the deep secrets expounded by Parmatma Mahavir in simple language which every seeker can connect with. Every Pravachan is packed with spirituality and imparts an entirely new vision. By simple, practical experiments Param Gurudev not only makes one realize the ultimate truth but also inspires them to apply it their day to day lives.

Many devotees observe fasting during these auspicious days and engage themselves in various spiritual activities. Penance is one of the best ways to purify one’s soul. Param Gurudev says, Fasting is not limited to refraining from food or water. This practice in Paryushan warns us if we have become a slave to our taste buds. We should not let it overpower us. Paryushan alerts us that the true nature of our soul is Anaharak – one who doesn’t need food to survive.

|| Samvatsari and Michhami Dukkadam ||


On Samvatsari, the last day of Paryushan, one seeks forgiveness for past misdeeds. Samvatsari is the essence of Paryushan Mahaparva. It is considered mandatory for a Jain devotee to perform the Samvatsari Pratikraman on the evening of Samvatsari. After performing the Samvatsari Pratikraman people greet the near and dear ones by saying “Micchami Dukaddam” which means, ” I seek forgiveness for my mistakes.”

Our Mind is a storehouse of infinite Grudges. If we carry forward a Grudge for more than one year, it sticks to our souls for several births to come. Pratikraman is a practice that helps a soul to wipe out all the ill feelings one may possess for someone.

Samvatsari is an occasion to release one’s Mind and Soul from the heaviness of these grudges. A simple wholehearted apology acts like water and cleanses our soul. It brings us one step closer to Parmatma. It also helps in maintaining a positive and a balanced attitude towards everyone. Samvatsari is indeed a celebration of Apology. ‘Forgive and Forget’ is the Real Message of Samvatsari!

卐 Paryushan Parva Daily Aaradhna 卐

○ Tirthankar Charitra – The secrets from Tirthankars’ life

Morning 8.00am IST onwards.

○ Religion and Reality – Uncommon Answers to Common Questions!

Evening 8.00pm IST onwards.

○ Kids Alochana

01-09-2018 – 3.00pm onwards.

○ Samvatsari Alochana

03-09-2018 – 3.00pm onwards.


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○ Samvatsari Pratikraman

03-09-2010 – 5.45pm onwards.

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Venue for Parvadhiraj Paryushan Aaradhna

Dungar Darbar
9 Sarat Bose Road,
Near Minto Park,