There are many children who are fortunate to be born with a golden spoon. But even luckier are the souls who a born with a God spoon – a family where saiyam runs in the blood, tyaag is the heritage and vaiyvachh is the innate nature.

Daughter of Shri Hiralben Kamleshbhai Madiya, Mumukshu Shri Nidhiben is a blessed soul who received Prabhu Mahavir’s Jain religion and an inspiration to walk on that path of Truth right from birth. Her father’s brother has also adopted the glorious path of Jain Diksha – Shasan Gaurav Pujya Shri Piyushmuni Maharaj Saheb. She was just a two-day old baby when Pujya Shri Bindubai Mahasatiji graced her home. Pujya Mahasatiji inspired her parents to lead Mumukshu Shri Nidhiben onto the path of Saiyam when she becomes older. And her parents said, “If she grows up and decides to choose the noble path of Saiyam, our heartfelt blessings will be with her.” That day has indeed come true now.

The diksha of one soul becomes a source of inspiration for countless other souls. The 2016 diksha of 8 Mumukshus at Pawandham, Mumbai, became a turning point in the life of Mumukshu Shri Nidhiben. While she always had an inclination towards saiyam, the inner happiness stemming from the vairagya of 8 Navdikshits made Mumukshu Shri Nidhiben question herself, “Even if I accomplish all my goals, fulfil all my dreams and get every achievement, will I achieve this smile, this satisfaction?” Just this one thought compelled her to re-calculate her entire life and check the source of her satisfaction. Analyzing every joy which the materialistic world offers, Mumukshu Shri Nidhiben finally made the decision of adopting Jain Diksha.

She has pursued her Bachelor of Arts from Mumbai and began her sadhak life in sanidhya of Param Gurudev in the year 2019. As a sadhak, Mumukshu Shri Nidhiben has made seva and vaiyavachh her very breath. She is very actively involved in the Samuday’s seva. She has also performed several tapasyas, including 30 ayambils, dharmachakra tapasya, 16 upvas, etc. Mumukshu Shri Nidhiben has studied several Jain Aagams, including Shree Dashvaikalik Sutra, Shree Uttaradhyayan Sutra, Shree Sukhvipak Sutra and is currently learning Shree Acharang Sutra. She has also completed more than 60 Jain Shaastra Thokdas.