Check every single thing, every single situation, and do what is really worth doing. Do something for that which is going to come with you even after this birth – your good karmas. And work hard for that which is yours forever – your aatma kalyan. Don’t entangle yourself in a narrow vision, in trying to achieve so much for that which is just temporary!


Certain journeys are a new beginning, while certain are just a continuation of an incomplete past journey, and such continuations need only one spark to reignite the flame. It is said that only those souls who have practised saiyam and tyaag for several past births get inspired to leave a life of ambitions, comforts, luxuries; to leave the race of happiness and advance in the search for truth in this current era of materialism. And Mumukshu Shri Mishvaben’s journey of transformation testifies this fact.

Mumukshu Shri Mishvaben is the younger daughter of Shri Bhartiben Nitinbhai Goda. She received one inspiration from Param Gurudev during the Girnar Mahatirth Jatra in 2018, and that became a turning point of her life. With that inspiration, she undertook deep contemplation on her life, her goals and her ambitions. She was pursuing Chartered Accountancy at that time. But after analyzing the temporary worldly ambitions as compared to the permanent happiness of Saiyam, she decided to live a life of selflessness, where she shall not harm or hurt any living being for her own survival. She chose to live a lifestyle like Parmatma to become like Parmatma.

Mumukshu Shri Mishvaben’s resolution for saiyam was so strong that she has prepared herself for this challenging path in a span of just two years with sincere dedication, deep study of the scriptures and an attitude of glad acceptance in every situation. After commencing her sadhak life, she has been involved in seva, vaiyavachh and swadhyay. She has memorized Shree Dashvaikalik Sutra, Shree Sukhvipak Sutra, Shree Acharang Sutra and more than 60 Jain Shaastra Thokdas. She is currently learning Shree Uttaradhyayan Sutra.