The eldest son of Shri Pratibhaben Jigneshbhai Ajmera, Rajkot, Mumukshu Shri Fenilkumar comes from a family whose staunch faith and belief in Jin Shasan is a role model for today’s shravak-shravikas. Tapp sadhana, sadhu-sadhviji vaiyavachh, paushadh aradhanas, satsang, seva… the entire family has made dharma the breath of their lives.

It was the 2018 Rajkot Chaturmas where Mumukshu Shri Fenilkumar Ajmera received the blessed opportunity of being in Tech Team Seva. As a result, he would get a chance to hear Param Gurudev’s bodh vachan every single day. This gave him the opportunity to understand the reality of life very deeply.

Whenever he had some time, he would listen to Param Gurudev’s pravachans on Youtube and few lines from one of the Rajkot 2018 pravachan reverberated within him. “Prabhu Mahavir had everything, but he still left it all. Only then could he find true meaning and purpose.” This line prompted him to assess each of his achievements, possessions, targets, sentiments, luxuries, items and future dreams of success – he would check whether it was meaningful or in vain. He would contemplate, “What will I keep and what will stay with me till and after death?” A bell rung from within, that all this is a waste of time, temporary and meaningless. This led to the search for truth and meaningful purpose to lead this human life.

From being a Digital Parasdham Sevak, he became a sadhak and from being a sadhak, he now prepares to become a sadhu and keep advancing in this journey towards siddhatva. Just 20 years old, Mumukshu Shri Fenilkumar has pursued I.T. Engineering (Dip.) and secured 91%. He has been a student of Look N Learn Jain Gyan Dham since the young age of 5 years and has offered seva with Arham Yuva Seva Group. In the last one and half years of his sadhak life, he has made strong efforts towards Swadhyay. He has memorized Shree Sukhvipak Sutra and Shree Acharang Sutra along with more than 60 Jain Shaastra Thokdas.