A youngster of today’s day and age who loved travelling, who had dreamed of going on a world tour one day, who was career – oriented, fearless and strong-hearted, Mumukshu Shri Ektaben Gosalia is an individual whose inner voice awakened when an outer circumstance changed her perfect – looking life in the fraction of a moment.

The elder child of Shri Jagrutiben Ashwinbhai Gosalia, Mumukshu Shri Ektaben witnessed the death of her father at the young age of 17 years. Countless great men in history have been created from the cradle of challenges, having lost one parent at a very young age. And the same happened with Mumkushu Shri Ektaben. Having shared a very deep bonding with her father, her imagination of a perfect world, a perfect family was shaken by this shock. But that pain and anguish became her supporter in the journey of self-discovery. Soon after, she was blessed to meet a Godfather in the form of Param Gurudev.

Mumukshu Shri Ektaben has pursued Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) from a leading college in Mumbai. She wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and aspired to pursue her M.B.A. from the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). But after realising the temporary nature of life itself, she questioned the permanence of her ambitions and outward successes. After much contemplation, she decided to pursue a life which would help her attain everlasting happiness.

Since 2008, Mumukshu Shri Ektaben has been an active member of Arham Yuva Seva Group. She began her sadhak life in 2012 in Param Gurudev’s sanidhya. As a sadhak, she has been involved in tremendous seva and vaiyavachh. She was also the head didi of the entire sadhak family. Her transparency, her straightforwardness, and her inner strength to make every task successful has been pivotal to her growth as a sadhak. Mumukshu Shri Ektaben has also done deep studies of the scriptures. She has learnt Shree Dashvaikalik Sutra, Shree Uttaradhyayan Sutra and is currently learning Shree Sukhvipak Sutra. She has also learnt more than 25 Jain Shaastra Thokdas.