For me, diksha is an effort to copy the world’s smart and most intelligent person. I aspire to become like Prabhu one day, free from the bondages of all karmas, free from all actions and emotions. And so, I am going to do what Prabhu did to achieve what Prabhu himself achieved – Siddhatva.


In this fifth era of time, when most of us are born in an environment which inspires us to achieve greater heights in sansar, there are very few lucky souls who are nurtured with aatmik qualities and a love for dharma from a very tender age.

The elder daughter of Shri Jalpaben Nileshbhai Mehta, Mumukshu Shri Aayushiben Mehta’s story resembles that of a blessed, fortunate soul of the fourth era. She did not just attain Jain Dharma by birth, but she attained parents who were concerned of her aatmik welfare more than her academic growth. She was never given milk before she Performed the day’s first vandana to Prabhu. Such was the upbringing that she received from her parents, who have truly set an example of how to nurture children with values rather than solely focus on their career.

Mumukshu Shri Aayushiben was blessed with Param Gurudev’s sanidhya and darshan from the young age of seven years. She was a student of Look N Learn Jain Gyan Dham at Parasdham, which played a pivotal role in developing her saiyam bhaav. She compares Parasdham to Prabhu’s samvasharan which became the inspiration and starting point of her soulful journey. Always a star participant in every activity, Parasdham was Mumukshi Shri Aayushiben’s second home since childhood. With Param Gurudev’s krupa, she has performed several tapasyas too since a very young age. She did atthai (8 upvas) in Grade 8, navai (9 upvas) in Grade 9, 15 upvas in Grade 11 and the very challenging maaskshaman tapasya (30 upvas) in 2018.

She has studied Bachelor of Arts from Mumbai University. She began her sadhak life in 2017 and as a sadhak, seva, Vaiyavachh and swadhyay have been her breath. Her out-of-the-box thinking, creative ideas, ever-ready seva bhaav has contributed significantly towards Jin Shasan’s seva. A lover of swadhyay, she has learnt Shree Acharang Sutra, Shree Dashvaikalik Sutra, Shree Uttaradhyayan Sutra and more than 60 Jain Shaastra Thokdas.