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Shree Uvasaggaharam Stotra, a well renowned Stotra in Jain Philosophy, is known to be a powerhouse of positive energy. Apart from alleviating worldly difficulties of a devotee who places deep faith in this Stotra, the Stotra helps a seeker reach great heights of spiritual enlightenment and elevate his soul.

Param Gurudev, who is an ardent worshiper of Parmatma Parshwanath and an enlightened Aaradhak of the Stotra, aims to help seekers find a solution to their problems through devotion and spirituality; thus infusing their lives and homes with vibrations of positivity which emanate from the Aaradhna of this blessed Stotra. He has therefore inspired the formation of a mission where Aaradhaks of this Stotra can come together every week to collectively perform Aaradhana.

Today, hundreds of centres across Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and several towns and cities across the country, have led to the elevation of thousands of Aaradhaks who practice intense Sadhna of this Stotra. In the year of 2014 alone, an approximate of 9 lakh Stotras have been recited through this mission, benefiting scores of families. Additionally, the Aaradhana which takes place at the homes of different members, helps to create an environment of peace and positivity in the house which ultimately evolves the quality of life of the entire family.

Apart from the weekly Aaradhna, group members also grace the homes of the old and ailing whenever they are called upon, to perform Aaradhna and thus help the elders do Dharma Shravan in the concluding moments of their life. Once in every month, the entire group comes together to carry out charitable and humanitarian activities too.

Individuals who wish to participate in this mission, can contact the Mission Head for joining centers in their vicinity, or even pioneer a new centre with a minimum required member strength.

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