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Every year, there are few blessed regions which are graced by Sadhu – Sadhvijis during the auspicious 8 day festival of Paryushan Parva. And yet, there are innumerable locations globally which do not have this opportunity. With intense compassion in his heart for Jain Shravak – Shravikas who reside in such regions, and coupled with his ardent devotion towards Jin Shasan Prabhavna; Param Gurudev inspired the establishment of a mission which trains Swadhyaykars and Sadhaks to undertake Shasan Prabhavna activities in such regions. Several Indian towns and villages like Jamnagar, Madurai, Nasik, Nagpur, Bangalore, along with global regions like Dubai, Sudan, Kenya, etc. have been graced by the Shasan Prabhavak Group.

The Shasan Prabhavak Group was initiated in the year of 2011. Select Look N Learn Didis along with Sadhaks (lifelong renunciates who are undergoing preparation and training in Param Gurudev’s Sanidhya for adopting Diksha), who have nurtured their Gnan with intense devotion and who have deep knowledge about several spheres in Jain Philosophy form a part of this mission. Under Param Gurudev’s training and mentoring, these Swadhyaykars have imbibed not just knowledge of the scriptures, but also the practical implementation of Jain Philosophies in every walk of life. Guided and directed by none other than Param Gurudev himself, they have nurtured the ability to deliver impactful Pravachans which connect with the psychology of different age groups within the society. From Seva, Sadhna, Samarpanta to Swadhyay; these blessed Swadhyaykars have gained considerable expertise in several fields. And they indeed strive to be a reflection of Param Gurudev, and invigorate interest in Dharma at every location they grace; just as Param Gurudev himself!

Dharma Sanghs and religious centres across the world now have the opportunity to rejuvenate their community with religious values through the intensely thought provoking and engaging Dharmik sessions and activities during Paryushan Mahaparva. You can invite these Swadhyaykars for initiating for Shasan Prabhavna activities in your centers.

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