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When the connecting eye to eye seems difficult, it is essential to stay connected Heart to Heart…!

This is the philosophy which inspired the creation of Sambodhi Satsang, earlier known as Arham Satsang, in the year of 2009. Sambodhi Satsang is an effort to keep the inner connection between the Sadguru and the Devotee stay strong even in the midst of outer responsibilities. It is an initiative to ensure the devotee’s constant progress and elevation in the Inner Journey.

After invigorating a special enthusiasm in the entire society at every Chaturmas, especially the youth; and after investing tremendous time, Sadhna and efforts to deliver the tenets of religion in a manner which touches their soul; Pujya Gurudev realized that it was essential to undertake an initiative which would keep the new-found Inner Connection going strong. This gave rise to Sambodhi Satsang, where 15-20 devotees from a particular locality gather at one Guru-Bhakt’s house every week for ‘Satsang’.

The Satsang is an hourly program, which follows a schedule in the following manner:

Prarthana & Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra Jaap: 10 minutes
Viewing Pujya Gurudev’s recorded Video Session: 20 minutes
Contemplation and Discussion of the current Session: 15 minutes
Resolving unanswered doubts from the previous Session: 15 minutes

Every Satsang centre has one Swadhyaykar who is well-educated with deep spiritual knowledge and has the ability to resolve the doubts and questions of the other members. He/She acts as a guide and mentor for fuelling spiritual discussion and self reflection in the entire group. However, if the group is unable to get an answer for any particular question, the question is sent to Pujya Gurudev and the answer is discussed in the next session.

Thousands of youngsters today have developed a keen interest in religious and spiritual studies through the medium of Sambodhi Satsang. Learning a practical way of Spiritual Living, developing a character of integrity, nurturing inner positivity and staying awakened in their Right Identity; is an experience for every member attending the Satsang. Members reveal that the Satsang has helped them clear their vision and strengthen their inner connection with Pujya Gurudev and Parmatma, a connection which they cherish to have.

Individuals who wish to initiate Sambodhi Satsang in their locality or who wish to join an existing center in their vicinity can contact the Mission Head at Parasdham, Mumbai.


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