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A human birth is not extraordinary, Humanity is.

A movement of compassion which began in 2005, Arham Yuva Seva Group (AYSG) is a collective force of youthful Energy, constantly striving to touch the lives and livelihoods of thousands of underprivileged people. Their helping hand and healing touch reaches out to thousands through activities in various fields such as education, healthcare, community development, animal welfare, women empowerment, rural development, environmental protection & sustainability to name a few. The uniqueness of the Arham Culture is the passion for Seva that thrives in every Arhamites heart, which clearly reflects in their hardwork, dedication and devotion. In the process of pioneering a social change, they experience a strong spiritual foundation within. With every experience, with every mission, a belief strengthens, a belief that the journey from Selflessness to Self Discovery – Paropkar se Parmatma, has begun!


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!”

With a vision of alleviating the social evil of poverty through the power of Literacy, AYSG dreams to create self-dependent citizens of tomorrow by providing the underprivileged an equal access to quality education today. Projects such as Support a School, Project Book Bank and The Bicycle Project are some initiatives undertaken in the sphere of education and literacy for the poor. Apart from improving the overall quality of education by providing necessary amenities and supplies to schools and lending a helping hand to thousands of poor families who wish to educate their children; AYSG also supports talented but financially weak students with aid to pursue higher educational courses such as Chartered Accountancy, Law, Engineering, MBA, etc.  



India, the country with the world’s second largest population, is a glaring example of economic disparity  with an ever-growing difference between the rich and the poor.. A vision to bridge this gap and further the nation’s progress has led to the creation of AYSG’s Community Development Projects. Under this banner, AYSG has initiated projects such as Project Light (Enlightening rural India with solar-powered lights), Project Kiran (Giving a ray of Hope to widow mothers), Arham Aahar (Serving free cooked food to the hungry), Borewell Construction (In villages facing Water Scarcity), to name a few. With such thriving community development projects, AYSG aspires to transform the lives of thousands by catering to their small but essential necessities.



As per statistics, there are only 50 physicians for every 100,000 Indians. With such a skewed patient – doctor ratio, the medical facilities that can reach out to every citizen of the country is minimal.. India currently witnesses a scarcity of even the primary health care facilities for the poor. AYSG’s activities in the healthcare sector aim to make a significant contribution in elevating medical facilities for the poor, the needy and the aged. Numerous initiatives are undertaken with this objective, including free or subsidized medical aid camps, eye Camps (facilitating eye checkups and free cataract surgeries), disability camps (Distribution of artificial limbs and devices to overcome Disability), dialysis aid (Installation of Dialysis machines with treatment at considerably subsidized rates), Happy Health Van (Mobile health check up van) and Health Awareness Seminars.



We often underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, and the smallest acts of care. There are thousands of people across the world deprived of these essentials in life. With an intention to bring a smile on their face, AYSG undertakes the Support an Ashram Programme. From providing financial aid to spending quality time with Ashram residents of Old Age, Orphanages, and Homes for specially-abled people; AYSG makes an ardent effort to bring a moment of heartfelt joy in their lives. And moreover, Arhamites strive to infuse their lives with a positive energy through prayers and spirituality; giving them the strength to look at life with renewed optimism.



Parmatma Mahavir’s core principle of extending Universal Love and Compassion towards every living being, acts as a guiding light for AYSG. Every living being wants to live, none wish to die. True to this philosophy, AYSG has become a voice for the voiceless and lends a helping hand to these helpless hearts.  Numerous animal welfare programmes are carried out to exude kindness and care towards our fellow living beings. This programme includes several initiatives such as Gaushala Development (supporting existing cow shelters across India and building new ones), Medical Camps for animals, Water Pot Distribution, to name a few. AYSG dreams of co-creating a fearless environment of peace and harmony for every living being.



Arham Yuva Seva Group started in 2005; with inspiration and guidance from Param Gurudev. He was aware of the lifestyle and thought process of today’s generation. He had a strong conviction and belief that the youth of today is filled with energy and enthusiasm to make an impact. If they are given the right platform to exhibit their capacity and guided in the right direction, they have a tremendous potential to bring about a social transformation. By nurturing their hearts with compassion and opening their eyes to the pain and anguish of innumerable living beings, Param Gurudev ignited within them a spark of humanity, a desire to lend a helping hand and a caring touch to the not so fortunate. And for the youngsters, it is a unique, fulfilling and blissful experience filled with inner satisfaction and happiness. With the aim to change the world outside, they have also discovered a change within, a change in perception, focusing on the positives than the negatives, learning to appreciate than to compare and valuing people more than possessions. Becoming Arhamites has truly been the most heartwarming and life changing experience – a Journey of Selflessness to Self Discovery.

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