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Bhakti is the language in which every Bhakt communicates with Parmatma. It is the language which gives words to your heartfelt feelings of devotion and gratitude. It is the language which helps us express our innermost pain and anguish. Bhakti reverberates the ardent call of a devotee to unite with Parmatma, and reflects the compassionate Lord’s infinite grace to alleviate every soul from the bonds of Sansar. Bhakti is the conversation where the soul speaks and the soul listens. Bhakti is the language of Divine Love!

An ardent believer of Bhakti Yog as the most powerful medium to attain Siddhatva, Pujya Gurudev motivated Gurubhakts to form a group which regularly researches, creates and sings fresh Bhakti songs. The group performs at different Mahotsavs in Pujya Gurudev’s Sanidhya and organizes special and elating Bhakti evenings which dissolve the audience in heart rendering devotional music.

As a musical troop dedicated to the Divine, the Guru Spandan Group’s efforts are worth immense appreciation. They speak an unspoken language and deport thousands of devotees into a saga of Unconditional Devotion. The group has also created some of the most beautiful and heart – rendering audio tracks in the recent past, which sooth the ears and heal the soul, which communicate a devotee’s innermost feelings to the Lord and which wash away his sins in the pure tears of confession.

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