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How to Begin ‘Arpanam’ Sadhana

  1. Get your copy of Arpanam booklet from your nearest Sankul/Centre. You can also download and print the pdf of the booklet.
  2. Registration is MANDATORY, without which your Sadhana will not be counted.
  3. To register yourself with ‘Arpanam’ Aradhana, please fill the online registration form at

Registration Guidelines:

  • Fill in all the details carefully
  • At least ONE Committed sadhana has to be selected
  • Click on Submit button
  1. Begin your journey of ahobhaav ‘Arpanam’ and start entering the log of your sadhana date wise daily in the Arpanam booklet.
  2. Monthly reporting has to be done via
  3. For any queries related to Arpanam contact: Shaileshi Didi Ajmera: +91-98841-66629

Guidelines for ‘Arpanam’ Sadhana

  1. All Sadhanas can be done during any time of the day, and need not necessarily be observed at the same time daily.
  2. A sadhak needs to choose at least one Sadhana and follow that for the entire year dedicatedly (Multiple sadhanas can also be selected). The selected Sadhana cannot be changed in the middle of the year. If the selected sadhana is missed due to any unavoidable circumstances, sadhak can perform double sadhana and cover up for the missed day. Monthly target needs to be accomplished. Arpanam will be tracked at the end of the month.
    For eg. In the entire month of August (31 days):
    31 Samayik Arpanam
    20×31= 620 Vandana Arpanan
    31 hours of Maun Arpanam
    And so on…
  3. Other sadhanas which are not selected can also be performed as per our bhaav
  4. 20 Khamasamna (Utkrusth Vandana) can be done together or can be split as per convenience throughout the day. Khamasamna has to be performed in Ubhdak aasan (Squatting posture) with the “Icchami Khamasamno” path expressing utkrust Vinay bhaav towards Param Upkaari Guru Bhagwant.
  5. 20 Logassa Aaradhana can be done together as Jaap or can be split as per convenience throughout the day. With Every Logassa we remember the infinite qualities of 24 Tirthankar Parmatma and yearn to become like them one day
  6. Khamemi Savve Jeeva,
    Savve Jeeva Vi Khamatu mein
    Mitti mein savva Bhuesu,
    Ver Majjan na Kenai

    108 Recital of this Maitri Bhavna is to be done together and cannot be split. Only these 2 lines are to be recited with the Shubh bhaav of apologising every jeev and establishing harmony with all of them.
  7. Maun Sadhana mentors us to control our speech. It has to be done continuously for 1 hour. It cannot be Split.
  8. Dhyaan Sadhana is the best way to control our impulsive reactions and cultivate the quality of Sthirta and Samadhi (Stability, composure and patience). It has to done continuously for 30 mins; it cannot be split.
  9. If any Sadhak is already performing any of the sadhanas in their routine Nityakram beforehand, then they can include that sadhana in Arpanam. Additional sadhana is not needed. (eg. Many sadhaks have niyam of doing one samayik daily from a long time. They may not have to do additional Samayik for Arpanam.)
  10. A sadhak can perform Vandana, Dhyan, Maun, Maitri Bhavna, Logassa Japp during the Samayik Sadhana.

Understanding ‘Arpanam’Sadhana


Utkrust Vandana