On Ek Sutra, Mera Shaastra




Understanding the truth is relatively easy, but we often complain that implementing it is difficult. Because we don’t remember it at the right time. And that’s why, we need that one CLICK, that can help us implement the right knowledge when we are making a mistake. Guru is not just a giver of knowledge, he activates a shishya’s own inner voice. And that’s why, each word of the Guru becomes an inspiration of Samyak Gnan (Right Knolwegde) for a Shishya.

A special Short Film depicting the Guru’s boundless Gnan Upkar on the Shishya, on the occasion of Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb’s 50th Janmotsav – Paramotsav.

Credits Writer: Param Mahasatiji

Director & music director: Kanhaiya Bhanushaali

Actor: Sharad Shah, Ajay Parekh, Sneha Daftary, Prakash Vagela, Ritika Shah, Preeta Pandya, Nimesh Balaji, Aakash Bhanushali

Camera/Dop: Bimal Dave

Camera unit head: Arjun Singh

Light unit head: Puran Singh

Makeup man: Shubhash Gupta

Sync Sound: Ishwar Vishwakarma

Editor chief: Nitesh More