Param COVID-19 Relief Projects

India is finding itself in dire straits as the COVID-19 pandemic wrecks havoc across the nation. But, in the midst of such a catastrophe, there’s also a rising force stepping up to help the people in need- With an Inspiration from Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb who is a messiah of humanity and an ocean of compassion, Arham Yuva Seva Group volunteers & several devotees have come forward to help people who are struggling with the pandemic.Many initiatives like Param oxygen Sahay, Covid Care Centre, Param Food Sahay etc. have been launched to meet the requirements of those in need from various walks of life. The aim is to offer selfless service and bring joy in the lives of as many people as possible.

Param Oxygen Sahay

As India faces acute oxygen shortage, patients gasping for breath experience a sigh of relief with timely oxygen supply.


1000+ FREE Cylinders Distributed


Locations Served: 

Kolkata, Rajkot, Junagadh, Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Vichiya, Vadiya, Amreli   

Param Oxygen Concentrator Sahay


As the nation is severely impacted by the second wave, hospitals in several states are reeling under a shortage of oxygen concentrators.


With mounting pressure and long queues for oxygen cylinder refills,  concentrator machines aim to gift life-saving minutes to critical patients. 

Param Tiffin Sahay

With entire families affected by COVID-19 and nobody to prepare food,  patients in home isolation receive hygienic, home-cooked sattvik tiffins twice everyday at their doorstep.


4,630+ Tiffins Distributed daily

82,000+ Tiffins in the last few days


Locations Served: 

Kolkata, Mumbai, Rajkot, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh

COVID-19 Care Centers

Religious institutions converted into full-equipped COVID-19 Care hospitals and isolation centres to support national authorities, as existing hospitals reel under overwhelming pressure and long queues. 

These centres have oxygen facilities and round-the-clock monitoring by doctors.


Locations Served: 

Mumbai, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Kolkata


Free Fruit Seva and Param Jal Seva

With heart-rending scenes of patients and their relatives waiting outside the hospitals for long hours in the hope of a bed, free and unlimited quantity of fruits and bottled water give them some relief.


10,000+ Kgs Fruits distributed

40,000+ Water Bottles distributed


Locations Served: 

Rajkot, Jamnagar, Baroda

Mega Chhas Vitran

As the temperature soars, buttermilk pouches distributed provide some solace to very poor families who do not even get drinking water in the scorching summer heat.


4,620+ pouches distributed


Locations Served: 

Dhari Village, Gujarat


Powerpacks for Power Heroes

Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, policemen, ambulance drivers, and several other Corona Warriors who are working tirelessly despite the imminent danger, receive dry fruits to boost their immunity.


18,000+ packets distributed

Free Ambulance Seva

As the cases are rising at an alarming rate, there is huge shortage of ambulances.    Launching free ambulance seva to combat the acute shortage of ambulances and help COVID patients receive timely medical care. 


2 Ambulances launched in Rajkot till date

Financial Support

Param Sahay Yojna

Lower income group families who lose their primary earning member in COVID, receive financial support.


Param Sahyog Yojna

Poor families struggling to bear treatment and household expenses after being affected by COVID, receive financial support.

Sadharmik Sahay Yojna

Hundreds of Jain families in the small villages of Saurashtra receive financial support to get through these times. 


 INR 5,000 per family


Locations Served: 

Junagadh, Dhari, Veraval, Visavdar, Bhesan-Ranpur, Bhesan-Parab, Una, Bhilkha, Talala, Chalala

Param Annadan Yojna

Special provision of free monthly grocery kits for 6 months to low income families who lose their primary earning member due to COVID.  



11,000+ kits distributed during 2020 lockdown



2021 campaign just launched

Kolkata Covid Sahay

A number of initiatives launched to provide relief to as many COVID patients as possible as Kolkata prepares for the onset of the second wave.


  • Param Medical Sahay: Medical help for Needy patient, facilitation of Oxygen cylinder, help in procuring medicines and injections
  • Param Smiley Kit: Distribution of baskets of medicines, fruits, dry snacks
  • Tiffin Sahay Yojna for Covid Patients
  • Pujya Jayant Guru Arthik Sahay for family on account of sad demise of earning member due to Covid


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