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SAHYOG – The Blessed Opportunity

Paramdham, the land which is going to be the Sadhana Kshetra and Kalyan Kshetra for innumerable seekers for years and years to come, gives each one of us the blessed opportunity of contributing towards it Nirman today. Built on a 12 and half acre massive plot, the Ashram will house numerous amenities and features, each designed to further advance a seeker’s spiritual quest. Right from the Mantra Mandir to the Pragnalay, Dhyan Kutirs to the Aaradhya Art Gallery, the Open Hall to the Aryuvedic Gardens, Paramdham will indeed be a spiritual retreat for aspirants and a heart touching experience of Parmatma’s Samvasharan for every disciple.

Let us be a part of the historic inception; and help in the creation, management and maintenance of our very own Paramdham through SAHYOG.

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