Becoming Happy when you Gain something is the seed you sow to become Unhappy when you Lose something."


Arham Yuva Group

Arham Yuva Group – An Introduction

Arham Yuva Group - LogoBorn in a small family and having faced a lot of hardships in his own life, it was Gurudev’s dream and mission to reach out and help thousands of needy people who wake up every single day and live without the basic necessities available to them.

Embodied with the principal of “paropkar se parmatma tak” (reaching god through means of helping a society) Arham Yuva Group was started as a small group in 2005. Arham Yuva Group has from then grown to a 56 center programme with thousands of young guru bhakts as voluntary members.

Arham Yuva Group is not just means for social help, but also means to the young members move away from disco, and transforms their life with divinity. Not only do these volunteers become socially responsible, they also lead a peaceful and prosperous life. Their friend’s group is now bigger, and with people who can help them inculcate good values.

All of mankind is blessed with unbelievable human power. With power comes responsibility, and by means of fulfilling that responsibility with success you welcome one of the two character attributes: Aham or Ego & Arham.

Aham or Ego only helps develop negative feelings like Anger, Jealousy, Greed etc, While Arham – Direction of Arihant Parmatma (Supreme soul, a soul that experiences a state of supreme bliss, away from the happiness and the sadness that exists in this universe) where one inculcates positive attributes of kindness, and unconditional love for all of the world. Arham Yuva Group bring one such feeling back into any youngsters life. It brings peace, and happiness that is to stay.

A little you can know about Arham Yuva Group (Photos in the next section):

All Arham centers run directly under the guidance of the Mumbai center. While all of Arham centers are individual bodies, with individual funds, and activities, the funds are centrally managed, audited and then are made available for individual centers to be used.

We, at Arham Yuva Group, are only a medium to help you reach out to the people who need your help.

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