Pujya Gurudev is loved and
adored by all

One of the youngest Sadhu (Jain ascetic) of the Gondal Sampraday (clan), Pujya Gurudev is loved and adored by both generations, the young and old. A renowned personality both in India and overseas, he has been conferred with many titles and was recently awarded the title of "Rashtra Sant" by the World Jain Mission. Yug Diwakar Pujya Gurudev Namramuniji Maharaj Saheb (known to many as Pujya Gurudev) has inspired and touched the hearts of many and brought about life changing experiences for Jains and non-Jains in India and overseas.

When I let go of what i am. I become what I might be.

Books are a uniquely portable magic

Since its inception, books have allowed humanity to share knowledge with one another. We hope that the knowledge shared here is used to help you further your understanding of the fundamental principles of the universe's core value system for the perfection & enhancement of your soul.

Breakthroughs in technology over the last few centuries have allowed an ease in the sharing of information, knowledge & teachings of divine insight proving invaluable to the journey in the cause of Jainism for world peace and harmony.

Aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language

Jain Literature written in poetry emphasizes the aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language to evoke meanings from within additions to symbolism in place of ordinary meanings. while Jain literature written in prose applies to ordinary life & it's structure as well as the natural flow of the universe. The concept and the multiple genres within the principles have broadened over the centuries thanks to extensive insight and expansive teachings of artistic works shared

Knowing that it is not enough

It is commendable to acquire knowledge but worthless if not applied in life. Wanting to do something and planning to do is also a good quality in a person, but this will and planning is not worth anything either, unless we do something about it and make these plans come to life.

Whether you seek fame or fortune, love or longevity, or something else entirely, there are ways to find the knowledge. But then it must be applied. The willingness may be present, but what is actually done? Without action, without actually applying our knowledge and doing what must be done, We all have something to finish.

Innovative thinking

Being innovative does not mean inventing, innovation can mean changing your ideals and adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better. Successful innovation should be an in-built part of your life and vision, where you can create an environment and lead in innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction, theorizing that humanity have an innate love for nature. While most of us would rather be in nature as opposed to gaze at an image of nature, a quiet walk in the field, listening to the birds is not always possible. Sometimes circumstances, like being ill, prevent us from experiencing nature directly. However, when we are unable to go, we can proactively represent our philosophies in order to trigger memories that can serve as a vehicle for our imagination allowing us to take a mental vacation from our present circumstances.

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